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How plumbers can handle more business during the Big Game

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HCP Big Game 2023
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The Big Game is a time of celebration, community, and of course, lots of food. While this could mean a great opportunity to catch up with everyone, it’s also a time when you could come up with a lot of plumbing woes.

So whether you’re a plumber who gets to host a party for the Big Game or you’re attending one, you should know this means an opportunity for more business.

Anything could happen: from a gushing faucet to clogged pipes. As a plumber, you want to make sure that your business can handle emergency calls – whether you’re on the clock or off.

With tools like HCP Assist that can help you get those missed calls answered and recurring service plans that can help prevent last-minute issues your customers could have, Housecall Pro has the tools your business needs to handle those calls. Make sure you spend your time during the Big Game rooting for your favorite team, not with your arms deep into a plumbing disaster.

Here’s how you can get more business during the Big Game using Housecall Pro’s tools.

New business opportunities with the Big Game

Most people don’t think their plumbing will suddenly become a disaster, but it could happen. Especially if their plumbing is only used to a few people using it. If the house suddenly goes from four people to 40 people, disaster could strike at any time!

According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, more than 30% of toilet failures are due to clogged or overflowing toilets.

In addition to increased usage that could cause plumbing to act up, mineral buildup caused by water collecting along the walls of the pipes could cause problems for your customers too. 

The biggest problem with this is that it could affect the taste of the water (causing it to be metallic tasting). And on top of that, low water pressure makes it harder to flush. 

To help your customers prevent this, you could set up recurring service plans so you can perform routine maintenance on their plumbing, which would greatly reduce the likelihood of disasters. This will keep their plumbing running smoothly. Plus, you’ll create a consistent revenue stream. Win-win!

How to get more business during the Big Game 

Whether you’re hosting the Big Game at your place or you’re heading over to a friend’s, there are tons of ways that you can make sure your business is profitable while you’re having fun. 

Here are some tools Housecall Pro has that can help you make more money even on your off days. 

Recurring service plans

Recurring service plans are one of the best ways to make sure that you make money month after month. 

With Housecall Pro, you can create a service agreement so that at a set time (like every month or every other month), you can service your customer’s plumbing to prevent emergencies from happening.

Not only is it the best for preventative maintenance, but you guarantee a bit of extra money in your pocket.

Plan management is easy as well. You can manage your customers’ recurring plans all from the Housecall Pro dashboard, so you won’t have to juggle apps or sticky notes to manage your customer orders. 

Automated marketing

The best part about marketing that works on autopilot is the follow-up system. Customers don’t answer the first message. And with automated marketing, you can offer discounts that keep customers coming back.

According to IRC Sales Solutions, 80% of customers purchase the 12th-15th follow-up. That’s why with automated marketing, you can put the follow-up process on autopilot and focus on giving your customers the best service.

Automated marketing can help you with follow-up emails, email timing, or even integrations with some of our partners like Mailchimp. And to have your local customers re-booking with you repeatedly, you can use Google Local Services.

Google Local Services

If you’re searching for a way for your bookings to be consistent, getting your business to the top of Google could help you do that. If you’re using Google Ads, you can customize your ads so your business is the first search result a customer sees in your city.

Get bookings directly to your Housecall Pro calendar and make more sales while you watch the Big Game. And remember, when using Google Local Services, you’ll also want to be sure your website always stays up to date.

Keeping your website up to date

When your goal is to be at the top of Google, you want to make sure your website is up and ready to handle the additional traffic. When you book a demo with Housecall Pro, you can be sure your website is SEO- optimized and easily found on search engines.

Increase your visibility and book more jobs with our website builder. So whether you’re watching the Big Game or working, you can get more sales and book more jobs.

Dispatch your team even if you’re off the clock

Making sure your operation runs smoothly depends on dispatching your teams for the right job at the right time. If you’re a plumber, this could mean an emergency call regarding leaky plumbing or a toilet that is backed up and won’t flush.

With dispatching, you can get your team out during emergencies by using your best employee for each job. And even if you do have to check your phone during the Big Game, you can look at your dispatching dashboard to check job status and progress. Simple as that.

Be efficient even if you’re not on the clock, and set up arrival windows, so your customers know when to expect your team. By preparing in advance, your customers can always count on you for the best service in a plumbing emergency or routine maintenance. 

Get your calls answered with HCP Assist

With the Big Game coming up, there will be a lot of opportunities for you as a plumber to get more business. From people wanting their plumbing fixed before the party to those who have issues during it, being prepared is the key to success.

Imagine that you’re watching the Big Game, and don’t have to be attached to your phone to check on your business. This is where HCP Assist is the best call-answering solution. Our receptionists can book jobs directly to your housecall Pro calendar, so when it’s time for you to get back into the swing of things, you’re ready with jobs on your calendar.

Housecall Pro has the tools you need to make sure you’re ready for anything that comes your way. Having everything you need in one place will ensure that your business thrives during the Big Game and beyond!

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