Problem Gambling Effecting Local Economy

Political leaders are signing wagering establishment developments in anticipate to raise needed revenue with out consequence to their constituents. Political leaders are aware gboslot that a significant number of individuals already have a problem wagering and the possibilities of more people developing an addiction is likely to increase. It’s unfortunate but these same leaders refuse to do anything about it since the increased revenues from the wagering establishments helped to fund many state needed programs.

Political leaders look at the short run, because they are continually being tested to see what they can do for their voters. These leaders are not elected for life and usually serve for two years unless they are elected again. Once they are up for re-election they tell the voters it’s this that they have accomplished throughout their term. It’s unfortunate but these wagering establishments slowly deplete the economy. By the time all the negative affects are felt either the political leader is no longer in office, up for re-election with all new promises or another source of revenue is found. This political game continues until enough people put pressure on their leaders. Problem wagering is a silent addiction and also few people are willing to admit they have a compulsive wagering addiction, lost all of their money to wagering, took from their employer so one of these could wagering and or are uncomfortable to let their love ones know they had a problem. Once again the political leader win and their voters and the local economy lose.

People are wagering excessively. A wagering establishment could not expand at the rate they are growing if people are not losing their money. These same people cut their spending at their local stores, personal entertainment like movies and cut spending for everyday staples. I met one mother who stopped buying milk. She figured she could save twenty dollars a month and this would give her more resources to gamble. Now that she stopped she can’t believe that she could do such a thing to her family.

The wagering establishments created an empire. They opened gift shops, entertainment live performance halls, gasoline stations and unique restaurant inside their entertainment complex. They give every customer a tracking card that generates them points only valid at their wagering complex while they gamble. They then use these points to eat, entertainment, hotel and or purchase gifts. Earlier this holiday a significant number of individuals saved some of their points to buy family gifts. Once again the wagering establishments win and the local businesses and stores lose.

Not everyone has a wagering addiction, but a good majority of people enjoy recreational wagering. It’s unfortunate but even a casual gambler gambles more they’ll likely expected. These casual bettors people also will have to cut back their spending for a few days. They may not go out to their local diner because they cn eat for free at the wagering establishment. In all these situations, the local economy suffers. People who live with in fifty miles of a wagering establishment are more like to be negatively affected.

It’s time to find a solution to this growing crisis. Political leaders need to improve to the plate and stop the abduction of the people. Recently their have been a significant number of ads dealing with wagering addiction. Everybody applauded this first attempt to deal with wagering addictions. Unfortunately apparently the leaders are too late. An acre of land on fire cannot be known with a cup of water.

The only solution to stopping the problem wagering is to regulate the wagering establishments and or consider closing them down until a solution is found. No matter which direction the political leaders choose they need to pick up their pace.

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